Monday, April 30, 2007

A New Card....

After a very busy weekend....scrapbooking class, quilt lessons for a friend and yet another trip to the Urgent Care center with one of the twins....I finally found some time to stamp today. I procrastinated laundry....but I am sure you won't tell...will you?
I made this little card for my mom as a thank you for taking me to a quilting event for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum where she volunteers. They had a really nice lunch, silent auction and other fun stuff. Then she surprised me with a quilt that I had my eye on. It was a really fun day. I made this card and participated in two Splitcoast challenges. The first was a technique challenge, the technique was a tri-fold card. The second was a color challege using Cool Carribean, Basic Black and Whisper White.

The card is made out of cool carribean and stamped with the big flower from Doodle This in the coordinating color. The flower chipboard is covered in white that was stamped with the swirly thing from Doodle That in black and then watercolored with the Cool Carribean ink pad. The "thanks" is from All Natural and is embossed in white on black paper and placed in the brass hardware oval. I had to cover the back of the flower that hangs over so I covered it in black and embossed the same image from the front in white ink. The whole thing is mounted on black cardstock. It was a fun card to make. I hope you like it.

Tomorrow's a big day....the retirement list comes out. I am sure that you are biting your nails now! Hee hee! Happy waiting!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's a dreary day in Colorado would think I would have been stampin' stampin' stampin'. But, I was forced (hee hee) to play I Spy with Reilly this afternoon. It's totally addictive, much like stamping. But, I did manage to finish up the last two pages for my upcoming class on Friday. (Page details you can find in my splitcoast gallery.) I am quite the procrastinator since now comes the hard part, clearing the bunker for class. YIKES!
I will someday post pictures of my non-organized space to scare the rest of you into keeping your space organized....otherwise you will end up with......dunh dunh dunh dunnnnnhhhh.....the bunker!!!! Still raining and the wind is still blowing. Maybe after our yummy chili dinner, I will head back down and make some cards. By the way...these two pages were made using the Splitcoast scrapbookers challenge sketch which you can find here. In today's color challenge, Emily from Splitcoast (SCS) has posted three families that were directly involved with the Virginia Tech shootings. If you feel like you need to do something for these families, as many of us do, why not stamp them a card. You can find the addresses for these families here. You may even want to try the color challenge. I will post my cards later this week. Hugs and happy stamping.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bling Addiction?

I think I am addicted to bling. Obviously most of us girls are addicted to the bling "diamonds", but, I have noticed that I am having a hard time stamping without adding some bling bling to it. It must sparkle, it must shine, it must BLING! I think it might be outta control at this point. So here is my latest in my ongoing addiction the "the Bellas". I love this stamp the best, well, because, they are all stamping. As if you couldn't love that. So here they are....Bella Sistahs (this is so not the name of the stamp, but as you know, I have small memory retention and can't remember the name so I have dubbed it Bella Sistahs) The base of the card is on Passion Pink and then I used the word search background stamp and stamped in in Bliss Blue on Bliss Blue CS. I then stamped "girl" and "friend" in white stazon on the pink passion cardstock and punched it out with the word window. Took my handy dandy glue pen and outlined the edge and sprinkled with glitter (bling). I stamped the Bella's and "sistahs" in black stazon on whisper white CS and then colored with watercolor crayons and the aquapainter. I scalloped a scrap peace of gable green and added to the top of the bliss blue and under the scalloped edge of the "sistahs" and voila....Bella Sistahs card. I hope you are having a happy Thursday. This has been a weird week....glad it is almost over. Happy stamping!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Little Stampin' Time

I finally found a little time for some shtampin'. Whew! I feel much better now. Paper therapy....I didn't come up with that....someone else did....but my memory escapes me. Anywho, this is what I made. I started out with this little notebook (no not the one in the mini....the other one, in the big catalog). I liked this one because it had more pages and I wanted a journal to write down the funny things that my kids say and here you "kids say the darndest things" notebook. I covered it in one of my favorite DS papers, Notations, then used the accompanying stamp set Office Accoutrement to stamp the flower and the little notation in the corner after printing out my saying on So Saffron Cardstock. The saying along the bottom is a piece cut out of the Notations paper (I LOVE THIS PAPER!!! It is so versatile!). Anywho....then I used a piece of darling polka dot ribbon from my new best friend Jody and it matched perfectly....thanks Jody! Along the corner I used another ribbon from Jody and put a coordinating brad in the middle of it. I mounted the whole thing on the reverse side of the DS paper and also lined the inside covers (front and back) with the same paper so it would coordinate. I used the spiral punch to make it fit in between the spirals and the round tab punch (which I have dubbed the diaper punch for obvious reasons) to make tabs for each of the kids names and then printed their names out on the computer on So Saffron and stuck them in the middle of the tab. Ireally like the way it came out and I have already started journaling away. Just in the nick of time eh?

And the Bella addiction continues. It seems that all I really want to do is stamp with my Bella's. I don't think this is good. I already want to order more. If you want your own Bella's or want to read about the Bella's or become a Bellaholic....go here. Here is my version of cosmobella which Kari and I have renamed martinibella and prezzibella. One is a birthday card for a good friend who will rename nameless in case she is reading this otherwise she won't be surprised. Hee hee. I can't believe I actually got it done early and will be mailing it. It might even get there on time.....miracles never cease. =) Also, Bella's got a Fella....and he is a cutie. Go check it out. Happy Sunday and Happy Stamping.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Quick Post.....

Just have a minute to post some of the scrapbook pages that I have completed in the past few weeks. (Someone is beckoning me to play Eye Spy on the computer. How cool is that?) These will be featured in a scrapbook class I am having. We are focusing on incorporating Stampin' Up!'s double sided paper into our pages. It should be really fun. If you want to learn more about the class check out my class calender here.

I was so excited to get my scalloped punches from Ellen Hutson, but then at the bottom of my box was this darling little thank you note with a little string of ribbon. I LOVED IT and luckily for me, it coordinated perfectly with my page. YEAH. Check out Ellen's blog, because she makes beautiful things and she is very obviously SOOOO SWEEEET!!!!

As you know, I am a self admitted "doodle addict" so once again, you will see not only the doodles featured here but also the coordinating alphabet. I am also and alphabet addict (as most of you already know) so of course I had to have this. Being that I spent most of my money on doodles and over at Jody's on ribbon....I didn't have a lot of mullah left for other goodies in the Spring Mini. Sad news for me.....because I LOVE IT ALLL!!!!!! Aaaahhhhhh.....someone help me. I am so outta control. Anywho....I also found this really fun tutorial for a coaster box on I made a couple of these for Easter gifts. They came out cute....but I did have a little trouble with the bottoms staying on. Probably manufacturer (me) error....but whatta ya gonna do? Fun project though. For the tutorial click here. To buy coasters go to one of my new favorite hangouts electic paperie. Don't say I didn't warn you that their stuff ROCKS! Have fun shopping and stamping! Hee hee!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lazy Easter Sunday Afternoon

After a hectic Saturday and early Sunday morning, we are enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon. What a treat. The twins are asleep, my DH is napping with one eye open and Reilly is quietly watching Scooby Doo. It gave me a minute to post a birthday card that I made for a friend of Reilly's. I really like the way it turned out and enjoyed pulling out a stamp set I hadn't used in awhile. I used Tags and More on this card, along with a cuttlebug embossing folder. I love those things! What a great effect for such little effort. I highly recommend you get one if you don't already have one. I used Yo-Yo Yellow and Brilliant Blue paper and a vellum star lined in yellow stickles (another fun new favorite) and the "happy birthday" was stamped with Everyday Flexible Phrases. I put a little bling bling star on the top of the happy birthday to hide a hole that came with the star.
It seems that I have a future stamper on my hands. Reilly made his own birthday card for his friend Brendan and he was so proud of it.....I decided to post pictures for you to see. Keep in mind he's only 5, I think he's doing a great job so far. He has a little bit of an obsession with googlie eyes....but heck what 5-year-old doesn't? Here is Reilly holding his card. Cute huh? I have also included the inside and outside of his card. Who knew that I would have a fun little friend to stamp with? Such a lucky mommy. Happy Easter to all of you. I hope the sun is shining somewhere out's still snowing here. Brrrrrr!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Almost Germ Free.....

We are finally on the mend over here after a week long fight with the crud! How bad is it when you walk around with "runny poop" soaked into your pjs for several hours, because you forgot it was there? I think I might have hit an all time low with that one. Most days.....I love my job, the days including vomit or large amounts of poo.....I really want to call in sick. Too bad there's no one to call into. The good news is, I can't smell anything still, so at least I can clean up these yucks without smelling them. It makes it a little less icky....I can assure you. Everyone with the crud, was definitely not the way we would have liked to spend spring break! Anyway....we are on the road to a healthy spring and I have high hopes that the Lysol I am going to break out this afternoon will kill any nasty little critters left in my abode.

Needless to say....not much in the way of stamping has been happenin' in The Bunker for the last week or so.....until yesterday!!!!!! Hip hip hooray!!!! I not only got to stamp, but I got to use my Bella's! I am totally an addictabella at this point. It is really sad actually....all I want to do is stamp with my Bella's and order more Bella's. This isn't good.....especially since my money tree isn't currently producing....bummer! This is my version of jammybella....I am sending it to a friend that is also sick. She has pneumonia....and just got out of the hospital. one over here has been that sick.

I also got sooooooo many purty ribbons from my enabler friend Jody Morrow, you can check out her blog here. Watch out, she has the CUTEST too will be sending her all your money soon. Bwahahahahhahaha! I love her. I am going to post my purty new ribbon as soon as I can get it organzied in some sort of fashion. But, in the meantime I have been busy making cards. Here's a birthday card for my husband's grandma. Her birthday is actually I am of course right on time. (for someone with three kids that is). Hee hee!

This next little Bella (superbella) I actually got for all my "super mom" friends....but I sending this special little lady to my good friend Kari who called to check on us almost everyday when we were sick and is sending her one and only son off to Iraq in about a week. She is "super" and I love her and I know how much she wants hopefully this little card will hold her over until she can get her very own. For the details check out my splitcoast gallery here and you can get the skinny.

Last but not least, here is my Easter card. Of course these will most likely be late (see above explanation) especially since some of them are going to Germany. I will have to write and tell you about my very cute German penpals on another post because this is getting a little long. The pink and white polka dot ribbon is from Jody (also see above). I told you she had cute stuff. I bet your clicking on the link right now.....
I hope you all are happily stamping. I will post some scrapbook pages later in the week. Thanks for looking at my blog....please feel free to comment or email me with things you would like to see or hear about.

Hugs and Happy Easter and Passover to all of you!
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