Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Almost Germ Free.....

We are finally on the mend over here after a week long fight with the crud! How bad is it when you walk around with "runny poop" soaked into your pjs for several hours, because you forgot it was there? I think I might have hit an all time low with that one. Most days.....I love my job, the days including vomit or large amounts of poo.....I really want to call in sick. Too bad there's no one to call into. The good news is, I can't smell anything still, so at least I can clean up these yucks without smelling them. It makes it a little less icky....I can assure you. Everyone with the crud, was definitely not the way we would have liked to spend spring break! Anyway....we are on the road to a healthy spring and I have high hopes that the Lysol I am going to break out this afternoon will kill any nasty little critters left in my abode.

Needless to say....not much in the way of stamping has been happenin' in The Bunker for the last week or so.....until yesterday!!!!!! Hip hip hooray!!!! I not only got to stamp, but I got to use my Bella's! I am totally an addictabella at this point. It is really sad actually....all I want to do is stamp with my Bella's and order more Bella's. This isn't good.....especially since my money tree isn't currently producing....bummer! This is my version of jammybella....I am sending it to a friend that is also sick. She has pneumonia....and just got out of the hospital. one over here has been that sick.

I also got sooooooo many purty ribbons from my enabler friend Jody Morrow, you can check out her blog here. Watch out, she has the CUTEST too will be sending her all your money soon. Bwahahahahhahaha! I love her. I am going to post my purty new ribbon as soon as I can get it organzied in some sort of fashion. But, in the meantime I have been busy making cards. Here's a birthday card for my husband's grandma. Her birthday is actually I am of course right on time. (for someone with three kids that is). Hee hee!

This next little Bella (superbella) I actually got for all my "super mom" friends....but I sending this special little lady to my good friend Kari who called to check on us almost everyday when we were sick and is sending her one and only son off to Iraq in about a week. She is "super" and I love her and I know how much she wants hopefully this little card will hold her over until she can get her very own. For the details check out my splitcoast gallery here and you can get the skinny.

Last but not least, here is my Easter card. Of course these will most likely be late (see above explanation) especially since some of them are going to Germany. I will have to write and tell you about my very cute German penpals on another post because this is getting a little long. The pink and white polka dot ribbon is from Jody (also see above). I told you she had cute stuff. I bet your clicking on the link right now.....
I hope you all are happily stamping. I will post some scrapbook pages later in the week. Thanks for looking at my blog....please feel free to comment or email me with things you would like to see or hear about.

Hugs and Happy Easter and Passover to all of you!

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Anonymous said...

I LUV it all!!! Maybe I should be quarantined for a week with germies so I can knock out great cards like this!!! You are a Super friend! I can't wait to get my card!! YaY-I will be even closer to a Bella!! I can't wait to meet her.........sigh......And I am sooooo glad I did not cave to your mom and give her my share of the ribbon-those are beautiful. Sssshhhhh I think Jody will be my next new best friend!!! lol I can't wait to pick my shares......Get better so we can play!!!
Hugs my dearest friend!

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