Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have been stamping....really I have....

So, I know I drift off into la-la land once in awhile, but I have been stamping....really. Last weekend I had a crop and between the gum smackin' I actually got almost one page done. HA! Until I found out that apparently ultra sound pictures fade if you just glue them in. CRAP! So that led to internet searches on how to preserve your ultrasound pictures which led to mulit-lingual cursing (yes I can curse in several languages....what a gift...I know!) but this is the answer I found. For those of you wanting to scrapbook your ultra sound photos (sadly I am doing mine from over 3 years ago....better late than never right?) this is what I learned. You must scan your photos into your computer and then print them out on photo paper. Sounds simple right? Unless you have your studio and computer setup on two different floors and three children attached to your legs during most hours you are functioning. Did I mention that the twins are weaning themselves from their nap. Great news....NOT! So, I am not sure how much stamping that will be recognized as actual "stamping" will be happening in the very near future. Anyway, I digress. I hope that some of you read this blog for my witty banter....if must be really bored. =) So, last week....I got my new Paper Trey. If you haven't heard of PTI, where have you been? Under a rock or something? I have been told that I am a very good if you haven't mosied on over there yet....I recommend that you go right after you read the rest of this post. =) They have recently come out with some glorious stamp sets and added several designers to their team. They just celebrated their one year anniversary - I can't believe it's only been a year.

So....I have in my hot little paper, new ink, new ribbons and two new stamp sets. I have made a couple of cards, let me know what you think. This is with the new Everyday Blessings set. I fell in love with this set the minute I saw it. I think it is just perfect for Easter, weddings, sympathy and the sayings you could use any time. I have used the new aqua mist color combination for the paper, ink and the polka dot ribbon. The ribbon is awesome (says the addict). I just want to lay with it and feel the love. (okay maybe that's taking it a little far?!?!?!) I embossed the swirly whirs in the corners and the saying in gold. Stamped another swirly whir square on the background in the aqua mist ink. Added stickles to the cross and voile...done. The bow was kind of fun on this one. I tied it in a not and then took the two ends and taped them to the back before I attached the ivory to the aqua mist. Stay tuned for more cards this week. I am meeting with my stamping friends that should be fun. However, I still need to figure out what I am taking. YIKES! Procrastinator, procrastinator....I know. Happy Stamping!

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Kari C said...

Beauty!! I just remembered that I have a PTI order awaiting my hot little hands.......and of course now there are two new colors to purchase.....sigh. I hate living in So. BFE!!!

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