Monday, February 19, 2007

Finally A Stamping Blog....

Well, some of you have asked for this.......others of you, not so much! But here it Stamping/crazy life blog. I have been told that I am a funny girl....not sure if that's true or not, but I guess we'll see. If you're wondering about the title....seems that the basement never truly gets organized and mostly looks like a bomb went off....hence "The Bunker". If I ever find a spare minute, I am actually going to stamp a name frame with "The Bunker" on it. I will post if and when it gets done.

Not much stamping has been happening here at the Ole' Conner Ranch as we have recently been advised that the twins need speech therapy. So we have been running to and from doctor's appointments, and getting ready to start the talking business. You would think as much as their older brother talks they would get the gist of things. Guess not. Good news is, looks like the therapist will come here, making my life MUCH easier.

On a happy note....I did manage to finish 2 2-page spreads for each twin. Total of 4 pages, which is in it's entirety, at this point, their baby book. Better than last week when the running total was zip, nada, zilch, zero. I guess you could say I am gaining. LOL. They will need a whole different kind of therapy when they are older I suppose. Hahahahaha!

I just signed up for Texas Jody's ribbon swap and I CAN'T wait to get my ribbon. I am amazed that she can get all the things done that she does. If you want to check out her fun blog, check out the link on the left....Confessions of A Ribbon Addict. The new mini catalog has arrived at my house, as has my preorder, which was not nearly all that I wanted. The doodles are my favorite, I am going to make something fantastic with them this week and I will also post that. I have since decided I have to have the alphabet....wait till you see. It is SOOOO cute!

In the meantime, here is a picture of my valentine and a picture of one of the fun cards we made at a class last week. I hope you like them.

Until next time....signing off from the Bunker.....Happy Stamping!

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